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After moving up into this area and not being familiar with any of the doctors, I was leery about going to any one of them.  But after being in so much pain with my lower back and waking up in the morning with such a severe pain up the back of my neck and having it all day long, I figured I’d have to take my chances and pick a doctor, because I couldn’t stand the pain any longer.  I chose HealthFirst because it was the closest and I knew I’d have to be going for a few treatments.  I must say I was glad I did choose them, for when I called for an appointment the receptionist was very polite and reassuring and explained very well what would be done on the first visit and got me in within a day.  Within a week of treatments the pain in my neck was gone and I was feeling much better.  It took a month of several treatments because of many old injuries, but it was well worth it.  I did have some aches and pains at the beginning of the treatments, but that, I was told was normal because of trying to get everything back in its place.  I also liked the portfolio they gave me, telling me about my doctor and their clinic and a summary about my back problems.  I also learned a lot at the one-hour class they provided about what body parts are affected when you have back problems.  I am glad I chose this clinic and am very satisfied and confident with them and would recommend them to others because since going to them I haven’t been having any pain or back problems.

Mary K.

I started treatment here this past February for Carpal Tunnel in my right wrist as well as tendonitis in my right shoulder.  I also had neck problems and some lower back pain.  I was coming 3 times per week for about two months and went down to 2 times a week for a couple more months.  I’m now down to 1 time a week and my shoulder pain is basically gone.  My wrist has greatly improved also.  My neck feels much better as well.  The treatments I’ve received here have been completely painless-they actually feel really good.  I hadn’t tried any other treatments before this and I’ve never been skeptical about chiropractic treatment.  In fact, I prefer it.  Everyone here has been extremely nice and helpful and I love coming here!

Nichole W.

I first started being treated at HealthFirst after my 2nd child.  I was treated during my 3rd pregnancy and was amazed at how much easier my labor and delivery was because I had almost no pain.  I have noticed a tremendous difference in my health since coming here.  I was very skeptical at first and now I look forward to my adjustments and would recommend chiropractic care to anyone especially expectant moms because of how easy and pain free my delivery was.  I have also been sick much less often and less severe colds and flues.  Treatments are painless and I feel immediate relief each time.  I feel that the staff is so professional and friendly.  Chiropractic care has been a real help to me and I highly recommend it.  Thank you to you all for all your help.

Alexis R. 

I have been going to chiropractors for 43 years off and on for neck pain, thoracic pain, and lumbar pain.  They do help me and keep me going on with my chores, horseback riding, snowmobile riding and deer hunting.  I feel they have helped me considerably.

Ellie P.

At first I wouldn’t go to a chiropractor.  One morning I couldn’t move my head it hurt so bad.  I hurt to even move.  I was desperate.  It was see a chiropractor or die!  Well, the relief was perfect.  Now I recommend chiropractic care to everyone.  I go for adjustments on a fairly regular basis.  God bless them all.

Ronald H.

I was having lower back pain so bad it was waking me up many times at night.  I went to Dr. Hokanson and he took an x-ray before he even touched me.  He showed me the x-ray and I saw the part of my spine that was crooked and he told me he could straighten it.  After the first adjustment it felt better.  I was not waking up as many times at night.  After my third adjustment I was sleeping all night long again.  I was so happy that I could sleep at night, and not during school.

Alisha M.

I have been coming to HealthFirst for almost 4 years now and felt my overall health improve right away.  My neck’s range of motion was the first sign, and the lower back pain disappeared altogether over time.  I’ve suffered migraine headaches almost my whole life and chiropractic care on a regular basis is a “MUST”; it helps control them much better.  HealthFirst always makes me feel good about myself and they are so friendly to work with.  Thanks for all they do!!

Michelle B.

I have been coming for chiropractic care for 15 years.  When I came in I had extreme difficulty walking.  When I left I could walk comfortably.  Chiropractic is the only thing I have found to work.  I firmly believe that being on a monthly maintenance program is important for maintaining feeling good.

James S.

I was eating about 20 Excedrins a day just to keep moving and it still didn’t get rid of my migraine headaches.  Some of the headaches even put me down for days in bed.  Regular chiropractic treatment has taken care of those headaches and now I may take 2 Excedrins in a 3 month period.

Kim D.

After two back surgeries, I was still in pain.  The back surgeon said a third operation would be too risky, and recommended physical therapy.  For several months I went to the therapist but was still in a lot of pain.  I had trouble walking and the pain was always there while walking, sitting, and sleeping.  One Sunday in the Sunday paper was a flier from HealthFirst Chiropractic offering reduced cost for consultation, examination, spinal scan, and x-rays.  After approximately 2 ½ years of treatments, I can now walk without assistance and have virtually no pain while sitting and sleeping.  The doctors at HealthFirst gave me my life back.

Dorothy L.

I had a very bad experience with a chiropractor and said “I’d never go to one again” until my niece needed adjusting from a severe lower back pain.  I found HealthFirst and they educated us about the spine and took x-rays before they even touched us.  That alone made me comfortable right away.  When I saw how quickly the pain went away on my niece by getting her spine straightened, I chose to get my spine adjusted also.  I am a hair stylist and from standing on my feet so long my feet started a burning and tingling sensation.  After my first treatment it was gone.  I also was having many migraine headaches, and after about 3 adjustments on my neck, I have not had another migraine.  I will highly recommend people to go to the chiropractors at HealthFirst for any health issue they may have.  I truly believe in natural healings.  I think if more people would learn about chiropractic they would choose to go to them instead of medical doctors that like to push the pills to cover up the pain instead of fixing the problem causing the pain.

Cindy R.

I used to take 8-12 Ibuprofen per day for low back pain.  Now I almost never take even one.

Elsie H.

I was treated for a tailbone injury caused by a biking accident.  The pain was so severe, I could not sit.  I’ve been seen by you for the past 13 years off and on.  My first appointment relieved a majority of the pain.  The treatment was uncomfortable die to my body still being sore, but definitely worth it.  I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to anyone with discomfort.  The care I have received from HealthFirst is great!  The associates are friendly and caring.

Pauline T.

My thanks to the people of HealthFirst for their skill and dedication.  A few months ago any kind of walking, let alone work, was so painful I could hardly function.  Their course of treatment has put my back and my life back on track.  Again, my thanks and appreciation.

Robert A.

I have had very good results here.  I would never consider another chiropractic clinic.  Without the people here I do not believe I could maintain a quality of life to be without pain.  Most of my symptoms are relieved and it has been pretty much painless when I’m adjusted.  Each person here is very special to me in maintaining my health care of my back and neck.  Great people! Great place!  And Great health care!  I would recommend it to anyone I know.  God bless you all here.

Lisa C.

My back had been sore for quite some time.  Now that I have been treated here, I have been feeling much better.

Thomas D.

My experience with HealthFirst has been very positive!  My first visits were due to serious back pain.  I have found them to be very accommodating and the results much better than expected.  Regular visits have kept me pain free and active.

James W.

Happy with everything and everyone here.  I could not walk before, and now it is much better.

Edith S.

I have been a patient for the last 9 years.  I started after a roll-over accident.  I feel the help with regard to my overall well being has been the continued treatments that I have received during this time.  I know that it has saved me from having surgery, and besides, the doctors and staff have been great people to work with.

Sandra P.

Down in my back with only 20% or less movement ability, I went to HealthFirst Chiropractic in Pine River.  After a few treatments I was able to tie my shoes again.  I can get in and out of my boat and enjoy fishing again!

Dan M.

HealthFirst Chiropractic adjusts me so well I haven’t had to visit my medical doctor in several years.  I no longer have severe colds that used to put me flat in bed.  I no longer live on aspirins for headaches and backaches, and best of all, I feel better.  Not only does HealthFirst help me tremendously, but the simple process of visiting the office is like dropping in on old friends.  When I arrive for an appointment, the staff greets me with friendliness and courtesy. 

Brenda S.

I have been a patient at HealthFirst for one and a half years.  When I started, I was seeking relief from chronic headaches and neck pain.  HealthFirst Chiropractic was very successful at relieving my headaches and neck pain.  I have continued treatment because I am very satisfied with the results.  The staff is friendly and professional and willing to schedule my appointments to fit my work schedule.  I would recommend HealthFirst Chiropractic to anyone looking for a chiropractor.  I have had great results and been treated very well by the doctor and the staff.

Tim C.

HealthFirst Chiropractic has been my chiropractic clinic for over five years.  I see them on a regular basis due to my back injury as well as injuries received due to an auto accident.  I also have family and friends that go to HealthFirst due to my recommendation because of their own high rated opinion of how they are treated.  HealthFirst’s doctors and staff are all very well trained and very professional at what they all do, but yet they are a very loving and caring group that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and not afraid.  They are always friendly and very helpful if you have any questions about anything.  Just ask and they will do everything they can to answer them.  I have all the respect in the world for HealthFirst Chiropractic and do recommend anyone in need of their professional abilities to definitely set up an appointment and form your own judgment.

Jan S. 

I continue to visit HealthFirst Chiropractic even though we have moved some distance away.  I feel they take a holistic approach to chiropractic medicine.  They don’t just treat the area of concern; they explain and discuss reasons for the pain, exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes necessary to help restore quality of life prior to injury/accident.  HealthFirst chiropractic is very thorough and I feel they keep abreast of any and all new information and approaches in the field of chiropractic.

Harriet T.

I have been coming to HealthFirst since 1990 and have been very satisfied with my care and the results.  I have chronic back pain due to spinal misalignment so therefore I have regular periodic visits to maintain my back health.  Occasionally I need additional treatments to help when I have overexerted my back.  I have found the chiropractic treatments to be extremely helpful in relieving pain and stiffness.  Treatments are painless and bring comfort to my body.  I definitely would, and do, recommend chiropractic care to others.  I do believe that chiropractic care is an integral part of my life and very necessary for me to maintain my health.

Darlene O.

I have been seeing a chiropractor for at least 15 years as the job I used to have was graphic design and I was on the computer all day…neck and shoulders!  I had a car accident that messed my neck up and now I am doing gardening and wood working.  Through all of this I have been happy with the treatments, some taking longer than others to correct, but always good. 

Sherry S.

Everyone is always cheerful and I have a good adjustment each time.

Jean T.

Three months ago, I was in extreme pain due to one of the discs in my back.  The pain extended to my thigh and the front of my leg.  I was unable to work full time.  This condition made it difficult to lie down.  I was getting little or no sleep and was on pain medication.  After about two weeks of treatment I began to notice a slight improvement.  I remained patient, and continued with treatment.  As of now I am able to get a normal night’s sleep, and the pain and discomfort have all but disappeared.  I am back to work on a full time basis.  This was basically my first encounter with chiropractic.  It made a “believer” out of me.  The treatments were painless, and I suggest patience; and have faith in your chiropractor.  He will be the first to let you know if you can’t be cured of your problem.

Martin P.

I first came to the HealthFirst Chiropractic on 6-5-06.  I had a hard time walking any distance and getting up out of a chair.  I do not remember how many visits I had before I could walk the ½ mile to the lake and back without a great deal of difficulty.  By the end of the first month I was walking to the lake three times a week.  Now I look forward to my walks instead of dreading them.  When I first started treatment, it was such a struggle to get up out of a chair.  I had to help myself up and then think to myself “right foot, left foot” to start walking.  I now take getting up out of a chair for granted.  I just get up and go.  Dr. Hokanson was very professional and explained my treatment each step of the way.  He made sure that I understood why my progress was taking longer than I felt it should.  I thought that after one or two treatments I should be walking like I did when I was 40 or maybe 50.  I had a very stressful week.  My neck and shoulders were like a rock.  Dr. Hokanson not only helped my body but also my spirit.  He made me laugh and that was the best medicine I could have had.  I attended the monthly seminar that Dr. Prouty puts on.  I would recommend that all of the patients go to this talk.  It reinforced the importance of good nutrition, exercise, walking, and chiropractic health.  Shelly is wonderful…she is so pleasant and helpful.  When I would call the office, you can hear the cheerfulness in her voice.  She was very good at answering my insurance questions.  HealthFirst has one of the best billing systems I have seen in a doctor’s office in years.  They stay on top of the billing procedures and keep me informed of any problems and if I owe them money.  I know that we won’t leave for the winter and find out I owe a monstrous bill down the road.  I appreciate all that they have done for me.

Carol O.





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